Through the work of various members of the AABE National Scholarship Committee, Chapter Presidents, Regional Coordinators, local Scholarship Committees and many AABE volunteers nationwide, the AABE Scholarship Program is advertised and applications are solicited from eligible candidates nation-wide. AABE local chapters review the applications received and select local scholarship winners, from which the top ranked candidates are forwarded to the National Scholarship Committee for consideration of regional and national awards.

The standard application to be used for the 2014 process was reviewed and updated (see attached file).
Local Chapters need to update the standard application with the pertinent chapter specific information and update their local chapter web site accordingly.

AABE National Scholarship Eligibility and Criteria

To download an application, please visit the local chapter site closest to where the applicant resides. The applications can be found on the bottom of the chapter homepage in the “LATEST NEWS” section. For a complete list of chapters across the country, please select “CHAPTERS.” Some states have more than one Chapter and some Chapters occupy more than one state. In certain cases, the applicant can qualify for both a local and/or national scholarship. Contact information, instructions, guidelines and eligibility criteria are provided in the application package.

Applications are due to the local chapter by March 1, 2014.




Ultimately, the goal of the student chapters will be to assist with internship as well as permanent employment.  This addresses several issues such as recruiting for utility companies as well career enhancement for the students.  Development during the collegiate is important as students decide on career options and internship will be a major supplement to the process.


Inviting several companies to participate could broaden the scope of the chapter’s exposure as well as enhance relationships needed for funding of the scholarships. Companies may be willing to sponsor other activities and events if they are able to recruit talented students from the chapters.